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Get Your X-Elerated Addons For Warlords of Draenor

Blizzard has released Warlords of Draenor and our updated addons are now ready to be downloaded in the member's area. Order your X-Elerated Guide Addons today and receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES including all future expansions. Reserve Your Copy Now, This Offer Is For A Limited Time Only!

Why Do I Need A Leveling Guide Addon?

Quests Will No Longer Be Linear

In Warlords of Draenor there will not be "breadcrumb" quests that lead you to the next hub of quests, quests will now be hidden and scattered across each zone forcing players to have to spend large amounts of time searching for more quests. The X-Elerated Guides development team are experts at analyzing quests and creating the quickest most optimized leveling path possible allowing our members to hit the level cap days before most of the players on your server.

Level 90-100 Will Take Forever!

Blizzard is packing twice as much content into Warlords of Draenor as they did with previous expansions, this means leveling in the new zones will be a long journey filled with tons of quests. It is expected to take longer to level from 90-100 then it did from 1-90.

Be First On Your Server To Level 100

Being one of the first groups of players to hit the level cap after an expansion gives you a significant advantage over other players. By the time most of the players on your server get to level 100 you will already have epic items allowing you to dominate in PvP and PvE.

Why Do I Need A Gold Making Addon?

Stockpile Gold Before The Expansion

When the release of the expansion draws closer demand for certain consumable potions, flasks, and elixirs will skyrocket. The X-Elerated Gold Making Addon will scan the auction house and show you which items will generate the most profit, allowing you to take advantage of your server's pre-expansion economy.

Volatile Economy After Expansions

For the first month after every expansion the WoW economy is extremely volatile and rapidly changing. This means there will be tons of opportunities to make huge profits on the auction house. Our Gold Addon is designed to scan your server's auction house and show you how to take advantage of these opportunities. Don't miss out on the post-expansion gold mine!

Deck Out Your Character Quickly

With all the tools our WoW Gold Addon offers you will be able to get the best crafted epics, BoE epics, item enchants, gems & more. At the beginning of every expansion these things are always very expensive and highly sought after because they are needed to be successful at end game PvE and PvP.

Before and After
We ask our members to send us before and after screenshots and let us know how we can improve our World of Warcraft Guide Addons. So if you join the X-Elerated Guides community be sure to take screenshots and maybe you will end up on the website.

Without X-Elerated Guides: 15 Days Played

Take a look at how long players used to level before they used our guides.

With X-Elerated Guides: 4 Days Played

Notice the huge difference after they began using X-Elerated Leveling Guides

Before Using X-Elerated Guides: 24,079g

Take a look at one of our members account before he got our Gold Making Guide Addon.

After Using X-Elerated Guides: 703,629g

Just over a month later he has more gold than we could possibly spend.

What Are X-Elerated Guides?

We provide our members with in-game world of warcraft guide addons that will dynamically show you how to level your characters from 1-100 in 4 days, make over 20,000g per day, unlock rare end game items, power level your professions, earn titles, achievements, & much more!

Constantly Updated

World of Warcraft is an ever-changing game where content is always being added, changed up, or tweaked. We are constantly adding new features and updating our guides to adapt to the games changes. We normally have our guides ready for an update before new patches are released.

Installation Is Easy

The X-Elerated Client makes installing and updating all of your guides simple & easy. It’s easier and faster to use then even the World of Warcraft client. Our client is also 100% safe to use and we offer a manual zip file download for those who would prefer to use addons the old fashioned way.

24/7 Technical Support

X-Elerated Guide members rarely have any problems, but if you do run into any issues our support team is always standing by ready to help. Our support team can also answer any questions you may have about our products or website.

1-100 wow leveling guide
wow leveling guide

Will NOT Get You Banned

We DO NOT provide hacks, cheats, or bots. Our products comply 100% with Blizzard’s Terms of Service making them safe and secure.

No Hidden or Monthly Fees

Other WoW guides charge hidden and/or monthly fees, you can rest assure that all of our products are a one-time fee with no hidden or recurring bills.

Never Ask For Your WoW Account Info

We will never ask for your World of Warcraft account information and for security purposes you should not use the same info for our website.

Safe, Easy, and Risk Free

We offer limited access to X-Elerated Warcraft Guides with our free trial that you can download from our website now.