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How To Make Gold In World of Warcraft:

Tycoon Gold Addon The Best Gold Making Tool?

One of the questions I hear a lot is, which is the best place to make gold in Wow? The answer often depends on how you play and what professions you choose. Making gold takes effort and time, so how long you play each day will affect your gold income. This doesn’t mean that playing longer will make you more gold though, it’s how you spend that time in WoW that makes a huge difference. What should you be doing to make gold? The one thing you should not do is simply grind, this is the most boring and lengthy process ever and will quickly ruin your fun in the game. So read on for some great advice on which places to go and what to do for more gold.

Dungeon Crawling

Every day should include at least four or five dungeon visits. Completing a dungeon daily will earn extra gold and killing bosses will net some gold. The random loot you collect from drops quickly adds up to a decent amount. The more dungeons you complete each day, the more chance you have to get lucky with gear drops and win items. These can be sold for huge profits on the auction house, prices may vary from server to server but rare blue quality items can fetch from 1000 gold to 5000 gold each. A typical dungeon run can also earn you several normal green items that you can simply vendor for up to 50 or 100 gold.

The best dungeons to visit are places such as The Nexus in Northrend and Blackrock Cavern in the Burning Steppes. These offer decent and high demand items for players entering new level zones and players will pay high prices to get the gear without running the dungeon.

Heroic difficulty dungeons also award a gold bonus each day for completing them and gold collected from clearing all the monsters out will add 100 gold to your total each dungeon.

Skills To Pay The Bills

Not only is this an achievement in World of Warcraft, it’s also one of the best ways to make wow gold. Pick a profession that allows you to gather materials from the world. These are FREE to collect and you make pure profit at no expense. It only costs you the time you are playing the game anyway. The best professions are herbalism, skinning and mining. You should definitely pick fishing and cooking as your secondary professions too, fish and the food recipes you can cook will sell for a lot of gold at maximum level. Skinning is a highly profitable gold maker because people are too busy having fun, running raids, or too lazy to get the items on their own. While levelling you are killing beasts anyway and you can skin them to collect leather. At higher levels, and especially in Outland, leather hides are very valuable and you stand to make serious amounts of gold from these.

Daily Quests

You can make gold in Wow so easily just by playing the game normally too. Make it a habit to complete daily quests every day. There was once a limit of 15 daily quests you could complete but this has now been raised. There are two good spots to complete daily quests. The first one is Icecrown in Northrend, there are dozens available and at level 85 or 90, you can complete 15 easily and very quickly in about 1-2 hours for 100 gold each day. This is a fantastic place because all the quests are located in the same area and only a little travel is needed for some quests. After the Cataclysm, on many servers Icecrown is very quiet and has little competition for quests or gatherable items. The second is Tol Barad and Tol Barad Peninsula; pvp may be an issue here depending on the type of server you play on. Quests are plentiful and all compact in the same zone so you can quickly complete multiple quests in under an hour, each quest completion offers 18 gold at maximum level, expect to earn 200 gold for 45 minutes of playing. The bonus is you also earn reputation for your faction and the items that drop here can be sold to vendors for an extra 20 gold each on average.

Use A Gold Making Addon

Using a gold making addon is by far the best and easiest way to quickly make more than 5000 gold an hour, instead of grinding away for a tiny 900 gold an hour using conventional methods. Wow Tycoon is one such example and offers several features but is missing some important ones that are included with X-Elerated Gold Addon. Wow Tycoon however lacks important features that can make a vast difference to your gold income. For example, the tycoon addon does not offer a free trial, if you’ve never tried a gold addon before you might be sceptical about how well it works. X-Elerated has a better offer and gives you a free trial before even spending a single dime. That’s right, a FREE trial to see how well the X-Elerated gold addon makes gold for you. Once you see the huge increase in gold, you’ll want to sign up right away.

The Wow tycoon addon seems to fall behind in features when you consider that X-Elerated allows you to tag your favourites with an easy one-click button the same way as bookmarking a location to remember for later. World of Warcraft is constantly changing, with every patch and expansion, item values change, content is updated and many items or either added, moved, changed or removed from the game. X-Elerated Gold Addon automatically updates alongside the game every time to keep right up to date and offer you the best approach to making gold in a changing economy. Visit the gold guides page for more information about the X-Elerated Gold Making Addon.

Gold Making Tips

There are many methods and hints to make gold more easily and much faster. Here are just a few ideas to guide you.

Bag Some Gold

Bags are highly sought after, everyone always needs more bag space, and the tailoring profession is a good money maker for this strategy. Collect Frostweave cloth to make frostweave bags with 20 slots. These are good money makers that offer good storage space at the most efficient material requirement and time invested in collecting. Depending on your server, most are too lazy to farm frostweave cloth anymore and will just gladly pay up to 100 gold a bag. Can you hear the cha-ching of that gold just falling into your mailbox?

Buy and Resell Auctioned Items With Auctioneer

An auction management addon is a good investment. This tool monitors the marketplace for you and constantly updates. Whenever a valued item is listed for sale at lower than its usual value, buy it out and resell it at the higher market value that people are very willing to pay. This method allows you buy at low prices and sell them at a higher price for profit. Play the marketplace every day to find deals like this and use an auction manager to keep track of changing prices and values. This way, you can be informed of items in high demand and supply them to make gold in wow. X-Elerated gold addon includes an auction manager to make the most gold possible out of daily auction house sales.

Go Fish For Gold

Okay so we know fishing is boring, but are you missing out on a ton of gold by not fishing? Yes you are. Players love many items in World of Warcraft that require fish to make, so improving your fishing skill to get these items is a good idea. Some players lack the fishing skill to get certain fish, or are just too lazy to travel to the zone and spend time fishing.

Fishing for Deviate fish is a good gold making method; the deviate fish sell for 1-5 gold each, and can be sold in stacks of 20 up to 100 gold or more. Did you know that Deviate Fish can also be cooked to make Savory Deviate Delight? Eating this food turns your character into a pirate or ninja. It’s a fun item and tons of players love to keep a supply of this food. They also pay a lot of gold for it because demand is high on some servers, with only a small supply here and there.

Northrend offers several fish such as Glacial Salmon and Nettlefish that can be combined to make a fish feast. This gives players a buff when eaten that boosts attack power and spell power. Of course, it is a popular food for raiding. These fish and the deviate delight food can be sold for up to 20-40 gold a stack, though prices will generally become lower over time now that newer recipes with more powerful buffs are now sought after. Fishing for more demanded fish such as Emperor Salmon from Townlong Steppes or Redbelly Mandarin from the Jade Forest offer even greater gold profits.

Remember, X-Elerated Gold Addon is loaded with even more methods to make gold in Wow and improves your efficiency in making gold as you play by following the addon that points you to the gold at the end of the rainbow. There’s no leprechaun there waiting to trick you out of the gold either, it’s all yours to keep. Click here for a FREE Trial.