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WoW Classes Guide - Choose Your World of Warcraft Class

This Wow class guide aims to provide players with a clear definition of character types and roles that are available. Choosing world of warcraft classes takes a few tries to find the right kind of character that is both enjoyable to play and suits the player’s style and preference for role performance. There are plenty of classes to choose from and some classes such as the hybrid type are a good starting point for new players to get a feel for each role and its effect on game experience in WoW. Making the right choice means the player has to decide how they want to play. Mixing it up and getting dirty in close combat keeps you right in the thick of the action as the main damage dealer in a group, melee classes are the ideal choice for this kind of action.

Players who prefer to stand back at a distance and support their allies can choose a healing role to keep their tank and damage dealers alive. Equally important  are the ranged damage dealers also lurking further back from the action to avoid damage as much as possible and strike from afar. Players not sure on their survival while taking damage are well suited to ranged attack roles.

Finally, but by no means least, the brave hero who loves to rush head first into battle knowing, or hoping the team has got their back, is well suited to a tank role. Choosing a class is an important decision because it’s not something that can be changed later. After playing a class for a while, it is easy to tell whether it fits the player or not, so new players are advised to try a few different classes and they will know which is right for them after playing for a short time. Classes are mainly defined by the roles they can perform. New players can choose the role they’d like to do and then create a character class that fits that role. It will be quickly clear if the class is not to their liking and they can always create a new character with the knowledge that another class will suit them better. So which World of Warcraft classes can you choose from?

Hybrid Classes:


Role: Tank/Healer, damage support, aura buffs

First up is the paladin, a good all-rounder to try out any of the 3 roles you can take in World of Warcraft. The paladin has the ability to specialize in any role, which makes it a popular choice for many players who want to choose a dual talent combination for healing and tanking, or a combination of pvp abilities and one of the former. Paladins are good healers and perform close to the top in healing output during dungeon and raid encounters. They are also able to sustain large amounts of damage to support their group as a tank and keep enemies focused on the paladin.


Role: Tank/Healer/Damage

A favourite of raid leaders looking for a massive group healer, the druid is a solid support class to keep others alive in tight situations, and their spell book offers many useful abilities to remove poisons, ensnare enemies, heal damage quickly in an emergency, and shape shift out of trouble spots. Druids are decent damage dealers although their kind has suffered in reduced damage in recent patches and lost favour among many, relegated to healing roles. As tanks, they are able to survive when supported by a strong and attentive healer, but not always the primary choice for tank roles.


Role: Healer/Ranged spell caster

The Priest is a strong healer and damage dealer hybrid. Priests often top healing spots in raids and dungeons with the most healing provided to their team and are relied upon to dispel harmful spells from enemies. Shadow Priests can output great damage over short or long battles and often finish close to the highest spot in smaller groups. With the right talent build in any specialty, priests can be excellent characters to play once mastered correctly.


Role: Healer/Support/Damage, totem buffs

Shamans have had a rough ride over the last two expansions, but things are improving for this class. The declining popularity of playing a shaman owes a lot to the continuous changes to its damage output and average healing ability. While most classes excel in one thing, the Shaman is average among most things, being equally adept at providing buffs through totems on the ground, group healing, and some damage support. They perform near the bottom of a large group in total damage, though are still useful to have around. Many have chosen not to keep them in their raid rotas. Things are improving as they become better healers and some group dynamics have started to favour them again.

Damage Classes 

Melee Attackers


Role:  stealth, damage, crowd control

Ah the rogue, the nemesis of every single World of Warcraft player and the butt of a thousand jokes and memes. Every seasoned player will have a wealth of stories to share about the time they crossed paths with a rogue. This is a strong class for those who like to compete with other players. Playing a rogue requires commitment to perfecting attack techniques and spell ability rotation for maximum damage in a very short time. Rogues can be deadly with stealthy attacks from near invisibility that cause massive damage in seconds. They are strong providing the talents are chosen well. Unfortunately, they don’t fare so well against the environment. As a leather wearing class they don’t sustain damage well and have lower health so they have to strike with deadly force because they won’t survive a long battle with heavy damage. For this reason, you don’t see many rogues in raid or dungeon groups over the last few years.


Role: Combat pulls, tank, damage

Warriors are a good choice for those who like to be at the centre of the battle, thrashing swords and spinning around their hapless victim with ferocious strikes. Every team needs a warrior thus making them a decent choice to play. Warriors can take on tank roles in certain situations but have problems keeping the attention of larger groups of enemies. They are a prime choice for initiating combat during raids and dungeons, especially when there are no hunters available to misdirect attention. Their damage output took a hit during the Cataclysm but there’s hope that things will improve in the future.

Death Knight

Role: Tank / Melee damage

For a while, the Death Knight class was a controversial choice and frowned upon by many players. Over time, the death knight became an accepted choice and is easy to play in a damage role, but takes some effort, knowledge and training to master the tank role and to improve the damage they can do. With the right player, they can eventually grow in to strong characters that deal massive damage, almost topping the damage meter in groups. Death knights perform a combination of ranged and melee attacks with several area attacks and cursing debuff damage over time spells available in their abilities.

Ranged Attackers


Role: Burst damage, crowd control

One of the most popular wow classes is the mage. A mage is always welcome in every group not just as a vending machine for mana cookies and drinks, but also as a high damage dealer and their incredibly lifesaving abilities to morph enemies into sheep and perform crowd control. Their frost abilities can stop enemies on the spot to buy the group some time, Arcane mages can damage rapidly to perform decent damage, or fire mages can destroy large groups with wide area attacks and damage over time. This is a class well suited to just having fun without being too serious and those who prefer to hide at the back of a group and attack from safety. Mages wear cloth and take huge damage easily so have low survival chances. They are not suited well for PvP action but can wreak havoc on the enemy keeping them at a distance if they have support and protection from a good group working together.


Role: Damage over time, crowd control

The Warlock is another cloth wearing class and has low defense abilities. To counter this they have a range of spells that perform massive damage over time and some crowd control allowing them to send enemies running in fear. The warlock is a master of summoning and uses their dark arts to have their minions assist them in taunting enemies and striking damage. This class suits players who want a challenging role that requires a lot of effort to perform well. 


Role: Ranged and close combat, pet crowd control

Hunters are excellent damage dealers and recently are often seen right at the top of damage meters both in PvP and PvE in raids and dungeons. They are masters of ranged combat and have loyal pets that can perform strong damage roles or minor tanking tasks to protect the hunter. Hunters perform at the top of the damage scale out of all the World of Warcraft classes. The survival skills of a hunter allow them excellent crowd control traps. The class suits players looking for a mix of tanking and damage roles.

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