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WoW Mining Guide (1-600)

This Wow mining guide will direct you through each zone and show you the best routes to take and gather ores faster and more efficiently without travelling around in circles trying to find ores that may have been mined already. These routes are the best because they contain the most densely populated spawn points for each ore. Follow these paths and you will quickly gather enough ore to advance to the next level and move on to another zone.

Mining can take a very long time to gather the ores; sometimes it is necessary to use Smelting to reach the last few skill points for a level. If you’re short on gold, you can use the X-Elerated Gold Addon to make enough gold to simply buy ores to smelt and power level your mining skill.

After reaching level 300 in mining you will need a flying mount to reach some of the higher ores in outland and northrend. This may be a problem for new and low level players, but X-Elerated leveling Guide can help you level faster and shows you exactly which quests should be completed to level faster and reach level 60 for that glorious flying mount.

Mining ores and map locations

Each zone has proven paths to follow to find the most ores along the route, some zones require a little more travelling when the ores are quite far apart. While it’s a good idea to gather ores while leveling up in the zone, you can follow the X-Elerated Professions Addon at any level to get the best results FAST. Then use the X-Elerated Gold Addon to help you make gold fast and buy your land mount or flying mount. With a mount you can follow these paths much easier and travel between ores quickly.

1-50 Copper

The first ore you can collect In Wow mining is Copper ore.
If you are Alliance go to Darkshore, alternatively, Horde can visit Durotar shown below.

50-100 Tin and Silver

After visiting your mining trainer and buying the Journeyman skill, you will gather Tin and silver in Northern Stranglethorn. Alliance should take care around Gromgol Base Camp. Most tin or silver can be found along the riverbank, the edge of the Vile Reef and among the northern ruins and mountain edge.

100-150 Iron and Gold

At skill level 100 you can start gathering iron in Feralas until around 125 when mining gold is possible. If you prefer smelting ores to level mining quicker, check out the X-Elerated gold addon for tips on making extra gold. It is possible to gather iron and gold in Western Plaguelands too but this is now a contested zone and will have more opposing faction members lurking around waiting to sneak up on you.

150-200 Mithril and Truesilver

At level 150 start gathering Mithril ore. You will need to return to a major city to buy Expert skill level from the Mining trainer. Once you have unlocked the skill, travel to Redridge Mountains. The southern and eastern mountain ranges have the most Mithril so just circle around the zone back to Blackrock Mountain until you reach level 200. Truesilver may appear occasionally say make sure to mine it for extra skill points.

200-275 Thorium and Rich Thorium

Once 200 skill level is reached, buy Artisan skill from the Mining trainer and go to Un’ Goro Crater. This zone is loaded with Thorium along the bottom half of the outer circle and along the left edge, but if you find none it’s likely someone is also mining at the same time. Just keep following the addon and change direction to clockwise or counter-clockwise.

275-325 Fel Iron

At level 275 you can buy Master skill level. It is not possible to mine Fel Iron until your skill reaches 300, so continue finding Rich Thorium until you can mine Fel Iron. If you haven’t reached level 60 and are still low level, this zone is not for you. X-Elerated leveling Addon will help you get there quicker. The Professions Addon will also direct you here because Hellfire Peninsula is a gold mine for resources and making profits. Stay here a while and mine lots of Fel Iron, on many servers it is in high demand.

325-350 Adamantite

At level 325 travel across to beautiful Nagrand. Mine Adamantite ores along the outer edge but make sure to visit the Ogre caves marked, there are usually several veins inside each cave. You will need a flying mount in this zone and all future zones.

350-400 Cobalt

Visit the trainer to buy Grand Master level skill at 350. You can stay in Howling Fjord to mine Cobalt until level 400 or until you reach level 375 and then move to Borean Tundra, where you can also mine Cobalt to level 400.

400-425 Saronite

Borean Tundra is a good spot to reach 400 because it is directly south of Sholazar Basin. At 400 you can mine Saronite in the Basin. One of the best areas to find a lot of Saronite is along the far left edge and bottom mountain range near the entrance to Borean Tundra. Just following the winding riverbank will often reveal more ore veins to mine.

425-475 Obsidium

Upon gaining 425 skill in mining, you can buy Illustrious skill from the profession trainer in a major city. This allows you to mine Obsidium ore. As the professions addon in our Wow mining guide will show you, the best locations for Obsidium generally lay along the same path taken while leveling and questing in Mount Hjyal. Start at the Shrine of Goldrine and follow the path along the zone. At the Sanctuary you can continue straight along the Growth and follow the mountain edge above to find lots of ores, or circle around the bottom edge of the zone near Sulfuron Spire.

475-500 Elementium

Twilight Highland is the next place to visit at 475 skill and gather Elementium. There was always a problem with gathering ores here and there is a lot of competition to grab valuable ores so it may appear empty with many people mining often. Keep returning here often to reach 500 skill. Alternatively, you can try Uldum and circle around the riverbanks to find a few ores.

500-600 Ghost Iron

The final skill level in a long journey to level your mining skill ends in Jade Forest. Here you can circle around the monastery to gather Ghost Iron Ore to raise your skill from 500 to 600. If you’d prefer smelting instead, don’t forget the X-Elerated Gold Addon is a fantastic addon packed with useful tricks and tips to maximize your gold making efforts each hour. Of all the Wow professions mining can take the longest time to level but follow these paths and it will seem to pass a lot quicker. Congratulations on reaching the maximum level in Wow Mining.